June 2024

Saturday the 22nd of June to Saturday the 29th of June 2024

£1400pp - France and Spain. Limited to 15 cars. Book by 6th of May 2024.

Explore the Pyrenees Mountains, Southern France and Northern Spain during this one week adventure.

Staying in Hotels every night, with Eurotunnels included this is a complete round trip from start to finish.  As part of the trip you will receive information about your route for each day, showing the amazing roads we are to explore but also including fuel locations & food locations, and of course the destination hotel for the night. Also includes an overnight stay in Kent before we set off on Friday the 21st. 

The Route

Setting off from Kent

Day 1 starts off in Kent in which we head down through the Eurotunnel into central France, stoppping off for lunch, passing famous Le Mans, and meeting up and the overnight stop before going onwards down to the start of the Pyrenees mountain range.

Heading into Spain

The Pyrenees mountains border both France & Spain, so as we are enjoying the roads, we will be hoping back and forth over this line. The first few days are spent over the west & central parts of the Pyrenees, staying in Spain more often than not. 

Country number 4, Andora

Hidden in the mountains in a soverign nation of Andora, it would be shame to not go and say hello while we're there of course. The Pryeness mountains, and their roads, are hidden gem themselves. On the same day, we complete this run by the sunny Barcelona coast.

Back into France

We had back to the south of France onto more amazing roads as part of heading back generally to the east, ready for the long journey home.

Trip end

This is a round trip, which ends where it starts, at the Eurotunnel back into the UK, where we say our goodbyes for now. The journey to and from the Pyrenees is long so we break it up into 2 days both there and back.

This isn't a race or guided event, so there's no award for arriving first or early, you'll simply get less enjoyment of the roads were going there to enjoy. This is a navigational road trip, with suggested routes & end location, you don't have to follow the route we provide of course, but we have selected this based on what we think are the best roads in the area, and they best way to enjoy them. Our staff and support cars drive the same route at the same time you do. 

This trip is approxmiately 2500 miles from start to finish, and there is no scheduled night driving. We aim to give lots of time each day for relaxing and socalising as well as driving, to keep things balanced; we have no deadlines or time constraints either. Go at your own pace. 

The trip is based around 2 people sharing one car, with the hotels rooms based on 2 people staying. If you're traveling single, or in a larger group, please let us know and we can price accordingly.

All cars are welcome, anything for £1000 hatchback to a supercar can join us. The adventure; roads, views & people make the trip what it is, the cars just let that happen. We do however recommend that if you can, use a car of sporting nature, to maximise your enjoyment.

A Deposit of £800 total (combined for both passengers) is taken for the event via our sister company CarPerformance.Online. The full balance must be paid via bank transfer (you will be sent a statement when the payment is required) by the 6th of May 2024 to attend. If Booking after the 23rd of March 2024 payment will be required in full. 

Looks like something you want to be part of? 

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