Automotive Adventures & Road Trips

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Founded by petrolheads in partnership with aftermarket tuning company CarPerformance.Online, Project: Drive has been created to offer mind-blowing driving experiences, and inspire a new generation into loving cars, driving & road trips.

All cars are welcome, anything for £1000 hatchback to a supercar can join us. The adventure; roads, views & people make the trip what it is, the cars just let that happen. We do however recommend that if you can, use a car of sporting nature, to maximise your enjoyment.

What to expect on a Project: Drive road trip?

Like minded people

Make new life-long friends with other trip goers. The hotel after an amazing drive, talking about your new shared experiences the best ice breaker you could ever wish for, the sense of community and family fosters immediately on events like these - plus its an amazing way to network. 

Stunning views

Incredible locations give incredible views, simple as that. The prepared routes are poised to take your breath away; drive along stunning coast lines, perfect county side or epic vallys all of which changes turn by turn. We hope to show the inconic locations, and some lesser known stunners along the way.

Amazing roads

While not the only draw on an trip, its certainly what we dream about & picture for a roadtrip. The team pick out great driving roads for each pleasure day of the trip. You don't need to follow the prepared routes of course, but the team make them so that if you get the best experience. The team cars drive the same routes at the same time you do as well. 

A complete trip experience

Theres no camping on a Project: Drive road trip, each night you'll stay in a pre-booked hotel for true holiday comforts. Estimated milleage and recommended fuel stops are given on the days routes as well for peace of mind. Long drives are unavoidable when heading from the UK to exotic locations, but on the pleasure driving days we do our best to give a balanced day, so you end the day with energy and plenty of time to enjoy the pools and local areas. Along with the trips being a round route, the trip ends back into the UK on the Eurotunnel where it begins.

Sound like something you want to be part of or want to find out more? 

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This isn't a race or guided event, so there's no award for arriving first or early, you'll simply get less enjoyment of the roads were going there to enjoy. This is a navigational road trip, with suggested routes & end location, you don't have to follow the route we provide of course, but we have selected this based on what we think are the best roads in the area, and they best way to enjoy them. Our staff and support cars drive the same route at the same time you do.